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1Password slows down Safari on startup

August 11, 2010

I had purchased 1Password a while back. It is a password vault application for the Mac and iPhone. The application is pretty good. But the 1Password extension/plugin for Safari ought to come with a warning. This plugin will significantly slow down Safari specially on start-up. Without it Safari starts almost instantly. With 1Password, it can take up to a minute on year old top-of-the-line MacBook Pro. With 1Password, the Safari startup is really sluggish and I think 1Password also slows down Safari after the startup too. Today I finally decided that I had enough of this extension and uninstalled 1Password’s browser extensions. Safari is snappy once again.

How to disable Flash on Safari

May 21, 2010

There is a very useful Safari plugin called ClickToFlash. It replaces all Adobe Flash content on a Web page with a placeholder and lets you selectively render the content. This means that by default Flash will not run, increasing the speed and satisfaction of browsing. If there is a piece of must see Flash content, then you can click on it to enable it. I know there are similar plugins on Firefox, but I was not aware of a Safari plugin for disabling Flash.

XML view plugin for Safari

May 20, 2009

To display XML responses in Safari look no further than the excellent plugin by Marc Liyanage.

Smooth Route Animation in Google Maps: panTo vs. setCenter

November 26, 2007

In my first attempt to animate a route on Google Maps, I used the GMap2.setCenter method. This provided for a spotty animation:

As the marker moved along the route, the background map (as you can see) would often not render. Changing to use GMap2.panTo instead of the GMap2.setCenter method fixed this problem and the flickering of the route problem that I was seeing on Safari.

Now the route animation of the Sheldon Road Trail looks a lot better. So does other routes, e.g. the Pebble Beach route, Kenndey/Shannon/Hicks Roads route, or the Stevens Creek Reservoir route.

Safari Large Array Bug

September 30, 2007

Safari Large Array BugI started viewing the maps of my biking rides on Safari and much to my surprise they didn’t work. I’ve now learned that Apple Safari browser cannot handle large array initialization (this bug has been around since 2004). What is large you ask, large can be as small as an array with 300 elements. If you’ve such an array in your page, you’ll see the Safari’s Slow Script dialog (in my case clicking on the Continue button made no difference — after a few seconds the dialog would get displayed again). The only option is to break the array into smaller arrays (say 150 elements). Here is an example of a page that has a large array (900 or so elements); Firefox can render this page without any problems. Here is an example of the same page where the large array has been broken into 8 separate arrays. This version works on both Safari and Firefox (but not iPhone’s Safari). Perhaps to get this to work on iPhone’s Safari, I’ll have to split the array into smaller chunks.