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Los Gatos Fun Walk & Historic Home Tour

November 8, 2007

Fun WalkEve is barely 10 years old and she has already published an article (in PDF) along with her friend Claire for the Los Gatos Observer. In addition, this week’s Observer also featured the historic home tour (in PDF) that we also attended.

Eve Practicing her Clarinet – week 3

October 13, 2007

WordPress recently started offering a video service, where you can upload your video and view it right from your blog. Posting videos to WordPress sounds like a good idea but their performance is no where near as good as YouTube.

Extreme Tubing on Bass Lake

August 26, 2007

Bass PairWho said only kids are supposed to enjoy tubing. My father in law – Dick Cappon – at the youthful age of 74 tried out our version of extreme tubing on Bass Lake this summer. Click on the thumbnail to see the video. Here is the slide show of our trip to Bass Lake and Yosemite Valley. Below is a panorama of Bass Lake.

Bass Lake Panorama

Photoshop’s photo merge function gets an A+

August 22, 2007

A few years ago I tried taking a panoramic photo with my digital camera & stitching it with Photoshop Elements. The results were OK but not great. Yesterday I tried the Photoshop CS3’s Photo merge function and I’m totally satisfied with the results. Here is a panoramic photo of the Yosemite Valley stitched together from 9 individual photos. You cannot find the edges of the individual photos. Even the clouds look natural. Kudos to the Photoshop team!


May 30, 2007

Eve is 10 today. This was the last of the single digit years. The morning started with the traditional breakfast in bed. The birthday party was at Sky High.

Grand Canyon

April 16, 2007

On Friday April the 13th, we left Sedona and headed for Grand Canyon. We arrived around 11 AM and after we checked in to El Tovar, we headed for a grueling hike that lasted for four hours. One mile and half down the canyon and back. It took us an hour and half down and over two hours back. Going down was a lot easier. Saturday morning we headed back for home and after an 11 hour drive we got there. This was our longest road trip to date and it was a blast. Click here to see all of the photos. The entire road trip was 1903 miles long (see the map of the route).

Spring break trip to Sedona

April 12, 2007

This trip started on Sunday April 8th. We decided to take the scenic and longer route to Sedona. We left Los Gatos at 4:35 AM and headed for Furnace Creek Inn, in Death Valley where we stayed for one night and drove to Sedona the next day.

I wish that before we started I had checked the road conditions with the California Department of Transportation Road Condition service. I wanted to get to Death Valley via HWY 395 which runs along the eastern sierras. After driving for two hours on HWY 108 (aka Sonora pass) we learned that Sonora pass is closed for winter and opens in June. We then had to back track and go as far north as Lake Tahoe to get to 395 (49 to 88 to 395). So the planned breakfast stop at Bridgeport Inn became a lunch break. We finally got to Furnace Creek Inn at 5:30 PM.

Death Valley is incredibly beautiful. The Furnace Creek Inn is full of history and charm. It was built at the turn of the century by the Borax mining company (did you know that Borax is the 7th largest export of California? or that Borax export is the number one user of the Los Angles port?) We had a great time at this National Park Inn. The next day we drove to Sedona via Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. We got to Jay and Afsaneh’s beautiful home at 6:00 PM and spent the next few days sight seeing and catching up. The kids had a great time with their cousins: Cheyenne and Adrien.
I learned that Jay’s Challenge Coin USA web site (that he started less than two years ago) has 20,000 unique visitors per day. Wow. Jays’ customers kept calling and the by the end of the 2nd day we were quite used to the cell phone ringing a good number of times every hour. Way to go Jay! Kudos to Jay.

Montezuma CastleOn Wednesday April 11th, we went to Montezuma Well National Park to see the famous cliff dwelling site of the Sinagua Indians. This place is worth seeing. Afterwards, we stopped at a native American street vendor selling fried bread.

For lunch we visited an X-Californian Persian couple (Masood and Maryam) that left L.A. over 10 years ago and now live on and off of their land and follow a simple life.

The next day we visited Jerome. A beautiful former mining town with a lot of character and good fudge.

Fly Fishing in Bridgeport

March 28, 2007

Yesterday I got back from a fly fishing trip to Bridgeport, CA. We left last Friday at 6 AM. Bridgeport is an easy six hours drive from Los Gatos. We were fishing at 1:00 PM. A few minutes later I caught my first fish. We stayed at the Bridgeport Inn (built in 1877). Mark Twine is also rumored to have stayed there (on his way to Bodie?)
The scenery and the weather were simply outstanding. The company and the camaraderies were what memories are made out of.

When I got back, Eve had left a very nice poem on my side table:

Dad is sweet, Dad is cool, Dad is nice not ever cruel, Dad is awesome, Dad is Kind, Dad will always have a good mind.

Love, Eve

Thank you Eve for this wonderful poem. It made my day.

The weakest kid in the class – an essay by Eve

March 15, 2007

Have you ever gotten trampled over by the weakest kid in your class? Well I have. And here is how this wonderful story begins.

One day in first grade, my teacher Mrs. Wolley was taking us out to P.E. Everybody loved P.E. and the P.E. teacher Mr. Goie.

Yes! My class screamed, we’re playing the sport we love SOCCER. Mr. Goei picked the teams. I was on the team with Kiran (the weakest kid in the class). After about 20 minutes of playing I had the black and white checkered ball and it was headed for the goal. Suddenly I tripped and fell, when I looked up I had seen that Kiran was right on my tail.

STOMP! Ouch! Kiran had trampled right over my back. I screamed with pain. I walked off the field to sit down. 10 minutes later the game had finished.

That day I walked to P.E. excited and left in pain.

Eve – 2007

Today we had our 2nd parent teacher meeting for Eve’s 4th grade teacher, Mr. Chris Carey-Stronck. Eve’s report card: straight A’s and A+’s. Great job Eve!

Girl Scout Cookies?

March 6, 2007

Yesterday, Eve and her troop had stellar Girl Scout cookie sales at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market. I’m not sure if Eve can break her record of 130 boxes of last year again, but it has been a an excellent year. Next week-end the cookie sales will move to local Target store front.