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April 7, 2007

ActiveMQ is a stand-alone JMS messaging service written in 100% Java. Spring, Tomcat and ActiveMQ offer a light weight alternative to a full blown application server. Here are the steps I took to configure this stack on my Thinkpad.

Here are the basic prerequisites:

  1. Download latest version of Tomcat (5.x or 6.x). Update the tomcat-users.xml file and add the “manager” rolename, and add this tole to the “tomcat” username. This change is required so that you can view the manager application: http://localhost:8080/manager/html
  2. Download the latest version of ActiveMQ (4.1.1).
  3. You’ll also need Maven to build ActiveMQ. Read the build instructions. Install the Eclipse plug-in for Maven using the Eclipse’s Software Update mechanism:
  4. Import the ActiveMQ projects in Eclipse and fire off a maven build. You can deploy the activemq-web-console servlet in Tomcat and then visit the ActiveMQ sample web monitor: http://localhost:8080/activemq-web-console-4.1.1/
    The web console also starts the ActiveMQ system, you can then send it messages and browse the messages using this web application.
  5. Download latest version of Spring (2.0.3) and install the Spring Eclipse plug-in from