1Password slows down Safari on startup

I had purchased 1Password a while back. It is a password vault application for the Mac and iPhone. The application is pretty good. But the 1Password extension/plugin for Safari ought to come with a warning. This plugin will significantly slow down Safari specially on start-up. Without it Safari starts almost instantly. With 1Password, it can take up to a minute on year old top-of-the-line MacBook Pro. With 1Password, the Safari startup is really sluggish and I think 1Password also slows down Safari after the startup too. Today I finally decided that I had enough of this extension and uninstalled 1Password’s browser extensions. Safari is snappy once again.

2 Responses to “1Password slows down Safari on startup”

  1. Richard Says:

    I have not experienced this. My Safari is quite snappy even with the 1Password extension.

  2. HB Says:

    Gee. Just did the same and Safari is now as fast as advertized. I had doubts on Safari probably due to these add-ons.

    Best ways to uninstall is to download the uninstall tool from 1password directly

    THanks for the tip

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