How to disable Flash on Safari

There is a very useful Safari plugin called ClickToFlash. It replaces all Adobe Flash content on a Web page with a placeholder and lets you selectively render the content. This means that by default Flash will not run, increasing the speed and satisfaction of browsing. If there is a piece of must see Flash content, then you can click on it to enable it. I know there are similar plugins on Firefox, but I was not aware of a Safari plugin for disabling Flash.

2 Responses to “How to disable Flash on Safari”

  1. zmp Says:

    You have no clue what “ClickToFlash” does. It does not *disable* Flash, the browser still broadcasts to the server that it can handle Flash. That is not the same as *disabling* Flash.

  2. Michael A. Robson Says:

    The problem is… ClicktoFlash just covers up Flash content.. and Flash makes Safari SLOW AS A THREE LEGGED BLIND DOG… Just use Chrome instead.

    I’ve been a Mac user for life, and.. seriously.. Apple better bring it with the next version of Safari… they know how damn slow it is.. Seriously, Apple? If i disable all Java/javascript/plugins, it’s fast? … Whats the point

    Get Chrome.

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