Fly-fishing in Bridgeport, CA


East Walker River, NV

East Walker River, NV

I just got back from the annual fly-fishing trip to Bridgeport, CA. We stayed at Bridgeport Inn, which has been for sale for the past two and a half years. The weather was sunny and cold. Last day of fishing was 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Click on the thumbnail to see the snapshots from this trip.

4 Responses to “Fly-fishing in Bridgeport, CA”

  1. Tobias Says:

    Dude! You went fly-fishing while I’m working my a$$ off here? Jeeeez! How’s it going? When can I become an angel investor? 😉

  2. sj Says:

    Well you have to have fun every now and then. The aquacue, inc. company was formed last week and will be unveiled soon. So stay tuned…

  3. Babette Ashkenazi Says:

    Just a quick question if I may, I am back into fly fishing after a bit of a rest. I am wondering what you think a good salmon fly for the north Tyne is. I know of a few, but also how would you tie them? It’s been suggested that a good salmon fly, depending on the water level and temp etc ie size of hook double treble a red shrimp in 6s 8s 10s 12s 14s. I appreciate that Salmon fishing takes years to learn, but like i say I’m back on it, so any help would be really helpful.

    • Shahram Javey Says:

      Hi. I’m a terrible fly-fisher and I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your question. We always hired a fly-fishing coach. The coach had all the answers to every question. You may want to hire a local coach too. It is well worth it. Good luck.

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