Photoshop’s photo merge function gets an A+

A few years ago I tried taking a panoramic photo with my digital camera & stitching it with Photoshop Elements. The results were OK but not great. Yesterday I tried the Photoshop CS3’s Photo merge function and I’m totally satisfied with the results. Here is a panoramic photo of the Yosemite Valley stitched together from 9 individual photos. You cannot find the edges of the individual photos. Even the clouds look natural. Kudos to the Photoshop team!

2 Responses to “Photoshop’s photo merge function gets an A+”

  1. kahunaburger » Canada overlook near Tent Rocks Says:

    […] setting. After 2 hours at Tent Rocks we took the 3.5 miles of rough road up to the Canada Overlook. Shahram had inspired me to give Photoshop CS3’s “Photo Merge” function another try. […]

  2. Tobias Hoellrich Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. Have to agree with you, CS3’s “Photo Merge” rocks … Happy Labor Day!

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