The weakest kid in the class – an essay by Eve

Have you ever gotten trampled over by the weakest kid in your class? Well I have. And here is how this wonderful story begins.

One day in first grade, my teacher Mrs. Wolley was taking us out to P.E. Everybody loved P.E. and the P.E. teacher Mr. Goie.

Yes! My class screamed, we’re playing the sport we love SOCCER. Mr. Goei picked the teams. I was on the team with Kiran (the weakest kid in the class). After about 20 minutes of playing I had the black and white checkered ball and it was headed for the goal. Suddenly I tripped and fell, when I looked up I had seen that Kiran was right on my tail.

STOMP! Ouch! Kiran had trampled right over my back. I screamed with pain. I walked off the field to sit down. 10 minutes later the game had finished.

That day I walked to P.E. excited and left in pain.

Eve – 2007

Today we had our 2nd parent teacher meeting for Eve’s 4th grade teacher, Mr. Chris Carey-Stronck. Eve’s report card: straight A’s and A+’s. Great job Eve!

One Response to “The weakest kid in the class – an essay by Eve”

  1. Eve Javey Says:

    Thanks dad.

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